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  • Last Updated: June 13, 2021
HockeyGurl Designs LLC

Jeremy Roenick Dot Com was established 1999 as a birthday present for JR. It was used as the "official" Jeremy Roenick website until November 2008, when JR established a "post hockey" web presence and our decade of friendship and support transitioned into something quite different.

Our web presence took on a new, more independent identity, and even disappeared from the internet for a while. We have returned, however, and we wish JR's "post hockey" website well -- you can find it at Roenicklife.com. If it is back from being "down", that is.

Our company grew as well, and HockeyGurl Designs LLC was formed to create and manage all of the business that came our way due to the original Roenick website, both hockey related and non hockey related.

Our company name was logical, as the webmistress played hockey, and both daughters have played hockey. How much more HockeyGurl can you get than that?

We have even been paid by one of our more artistic clients with a painting of Roenick rather than cash.

Roenick painting

About the WebMistress

Psychology/History/Political Science Majors, University of Wisconsin.

Web Designer/Developer, Writer, Publisher and Graphic Designer since 1985.

Business Owner, HockeyGurl Designs LLC. Website Management for websites of all types, sizes and persuasions for over 25 years.

Previous Owner/Publisher at Northland Press of Winona and Ironwood Press.

Publisher/Author - "Chronicles from the Southwest" - Literary Journal, "A Thousand Rainy Days" - Poetry Collection, "Northland Quarterly" - Literary Journal. "Eventually Yours" - Great North American Hockey Novel, an in-depth look at what REALLY goes on behind the scenes - available soon for download to Kindle, iPad, and other devices.

Member - Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized, HTML Writers Guild, International Webmasters Association, International Executives Guild, Progressive Democrats of America, Code Pink, Women Against Military Madness

Volunteer - Arizona Democratic Party, P.A.W.S - Pound Animals Worth Saving, Red Rock Music Festival, Hamilton Huskies High School Hockey

Listed - International Executives Guild Who's Who, Who's Who in America, Who’s Who of American Women, Phenomenal Women of the Web

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